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Once requirements have been defined, we turn to the solution design and implementation.


Solution design involves selecting the most appropriate technology that can best meet the requirements in a cost-effective manner. There are a variety of approaches, from the traditional standalone hardware, through cloud computing services up to contemporary container orchestration solutions. Each approach has its pros and cons.

There are three critical success factors to good design:

  • A comprehensive statement of the requirements
  • An understanding of the range of technologies available
  • Experience in designing Linux-based solutions

Our consultants work with Linux solutions every day. The also attend industry events to ensure they are up to date with emerging technologies. The result is a breadth of experience of using Linux to solve business problems.


The aim of implementation is to put systems in place according to the design. There is a need to ensure that:

  • the systems are secure
  • performance is adequate
  • backups are implemented
  • adequate documentation exists
  • the full solution, including failure modes, has been tested

How we can help

Of all the steps the process, this is the phase that is the most technical. Designing and building effective IT infrastructures requires in-depth knowledge of the technologies available, and they change rapidly, particularly in the cloud space.

Our consultants thrive on the challenge of building elegant technical solutions  to solve today’s business problems.

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