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What is an Infrastructure Audit?

Your Infrastructure Audit consists of two parts:

  • a step-by-step examination of the each of the servers (or server instances in a cloud installation) within your infrastructure
  • an assessment of how well the individual servers work together to form a cohesive system that meets the needs of your business

Why do you need an Infrastructure Audit?

You need an an Infrastructure Audit to check whether:

  • the infrastructure design meets the business needs in an optimal way
  • all systems are configured according to best practice

Over time both systems and the business they serve evolve. What was once an optimal Linux infrastructure becomes less effective.

You may be aware of shortcomings, but often problems are invisible.

What we do and what we’re looking for

During an Infrastructure Audit we:

  • examine each of your systems and fill in a comprehensive 26-point checklist covering everything from system configuration through to identifying security vulnerabilities
  • look at the interaction between servers and ensure that the infrastructure is configured in a way that is right for your business today

We’re looking for any deviation from best practice in three key areas:

  • Security: The security of your Intellectual Property is a core requirement of any IT solution. With a growing focus on data protection and personal privacy, a robust security policy can mean the difference between a respected business and expensive embarrassment.
  • Resilience: the ability of a solution to continue to operate despite component failures. Those component failures might be a disk drive failure or an entire server (or server instance) becoming unavailable. A resilient infrastructure will tolerate such failures and notify support staff so that the failures can be investigated and resolved.
  • Scalability: the ability of a solution to respond intelligently and cost effectively to changes in demand. That may be an increased workload, the need for more storage or the addition of new features.

What you get

You’ll get a written report that details, for each server:

  • a list of the checks we’ve carried out together with the results
  • any essential, immediate actions that you should take
  • any less urgent recommendations you may want to consider

We’ll also include a summary of our infrastructure findings, again including immediate actions and recommendations.

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