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“We believe that if you have to tell your IT company about a server problem, they have already failed”

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Why should you be the one to report server problems? Shouldn’t your IT company be working hard to ensure problems don’t happen in the first place?

The way we proactively monitor and manage your systems, our staff selection and training, the technology we use and our ISO27001:2013 certification: all ensure that we can resolve potential problems before they impact your business.

We keep your servers secure and available because we hate downtime as much as you do. Maybe even more.

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Linux Services Available for Your Business:

We Keep Your Linux Servers Running so You and Your Team Can Focus on Your Business

[Linux Servers]

Your Linux Servers Built and Configured to Best Industry Practice.

  • Servers tuned to support expected workload
  • Help and guidance with server setup and configuration
  • All Linux servers come fully tested prior to installation

[Linux Consultancy]

Everything From Linux Server Consultancy to Health Checks, Backups and Firewalls.

  • Your staff trained how to configure your Linux system
  • Your Linux issues discussed and resolved effectively
  • Business advice, network monitoring and hosting platforms

[Linux Support]

Our Server Monitoring Strategy Lets Us Know Before Anything Goes Wrong on Your Server

  • We find & fix Linux problems  before they impact your business.
  • Constant, maintained up-time -  no more crashes.
  • Regular, automatic back-ups -  data safety and security.

We’re Serious About Security

We are one of very few UK Linux support companies that is certified under ISO27001:2013, the current version of the Information Security standard.

Our security policies, including how we access your systems, are rigorously audited by an independent auditor annually.

Your Free Linux Guide:

7 Things You Need For a Healthy, Happy Linux Life

Written by industry experts, this free guide is essential reading for anybody running Linux in a business environment. Discover how to:


  1. Keep Linux Running Reliably

    Tips to help you spot problems before they impact your business.

  2. Keep Linux Running Securely

    What you need to do to keep your Linux servers secure.

  3. Keep Your Data Safe

    Your data is critical to your business. Keep it safe with these tips.

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Keep Up to Date on All Things Linux

Get Your regular free updates on all things Linux so you can keep in the know and keep your servers secure and maintained. We promise not to speak geek.

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