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e-Therapeutics plc

"We've been using Tiger Computing to administer our Linux computing needs for over a year and couldn't be happier."

- Jonny Wray, Head of Discovery Informatics

Jonny Wray
e-Therapeutics plc
Testun Cyf

"Tiger Computing provide a service of the highest quality and I am happy knowing that this aspect of my business is in good hands"

- Hywel Pennar, Technical Director, Testun Cyf

Hywel Pennar
Testun Cyf
Digital Morphosis

"Their knowledge of Linux is second to none, and they have proved themselves capable of dealing with small and large deployments with professionalism and attention to detail"

- Mark Smithson, Managing Director, Digital Morphosis Ltd

Mark Smithson
Digital Morphosis
NFW Inspection
NFW logo

"Everything just works, and since 2005 the server has not caused any production downtime"

- Rex Ankers, Technical Director, NFW Inspection Co Ltd

Rex Ankers, Technical Director
NFW Inspection Co Limited
Aviation Briefing Ltd
AvBrief logo

"Not just excellent support on our Linux systems, but Tiger Computing have made significant contributions to the development of our IT infrastructure strategy"

- Peter McCarthy, Managing Directory, Aviation Briefing Ltd

Peter McCarthy
Aviation Briefing Ltd
Advensys logo

"Tiger's expertise is invaluable, and the maintenance is proactive so that problems are spotted in advance of their becoming an issue for us"

- David Walton, Managing Director, Advensys Ltd

David Walton, Managing Director
Advensys Ltd
Metal Finishings
Metal Finishings logo

"We have a lot of good suppliers and I must say Tiger Computing has to have the best customer service"

- Mike Mulqueen, Quality Manager, Metal Finishings Ltd

Mike Mulqueen, Quality Manager
Metal Finishings Ltd
Monode Ltd
Monode logo

"100% up time and technical support second to none. I highly recommended them to anyone who needs trouble free IT"

- Mike Vince, Managing Director, Monode Ltd

Mike Vince, Managing Director
Monode Ltd
Oxford Gene Technology
OGT logo

"Tiger have been invaluable in providing sensible and practical advice, coupled with a high level of support ensuring the uninterrupted availability of our business critical systems"

- Jolyon Holdstock, Senior Computational Biologist, Oxford Gene Technology Ltd

Jolyon Holdstock, Senior Computational Biologist
Oxford Gene Technology Ltd
Hughes Media
Hughes Media logo

"Tiger Computing rock my world. Superb advice and excellent, friendly service from people who really care. I would recommend Tiger to anyone looking for help with Linux"

- Ed Hughes, Managing Director, Hughes Media Ltd

Ed Hughes, Managing Director
Hughes Media Internet Ltd

Improve server availability

We monitor up to 45 different parameters on your server. That’s how we detect potential issues before you do and, more importantly, before these issues impact your business.

We hate downtime as much as you do. Maybe even more.

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What we can do for your business:

  • Take care of all technical Linux stuff so you can focus on your business objectives
  • Improve server security and reliability to avoid frustrations and keep your team happy
  • Arrange automatic backups so you don't need to worry about losing files or data
  • Carry out server upgrades outside of business hours to minimise disruption to your business
  • Propose and implement IT solutions that suit your current set-up, future needs and your budget (of course!)

Would you like to learn more? Call us on 01600 483 484 or email info@tiger-computing.co.uk. We’d love to hear from you.

  • the best Linux support
  • no [geek] speak
  • [It] that works for your business
  • we love linux