We're an ISO27001:2013 Certified Supplier

Why Tiger Computing?

We’ve worked hard to develop our reputation as the leading Linux solution provider for businesses across the UK. Our team lives and breathes Linux, and brings this passion and professionalism to each and every client.

We’ve been trusted to support blue-chip organisations like Ericsson, public sector bodies like the NHS, and bio-tech pioneers like e-Therapeutics and Oxford Gene Technology. We’d love to look after you, too.

These are our company vales at Tiger Computing:

  • Uptime

    We work to keep our clients’ Linux systems available and secure, 24/7/365

  • Proactive

    We believe that if you have to tell your IT company about a server problem, they have already failed

  • Expertise

    Our team is the best, most highly-skilled, and most passionate group of Linux experts in the country

  • Solutions

    There’s no box full of solutions. We don’t think inside, or outside, the box: we don’t bother with boxes. Instead we talk to, listen to, challenge and question our clients to devise the very best solution for you

  • Transparency

    We understand that IT is there to serve your business and is not an end in itself, and therefore if we’re able to identify more cost-effective IT solutions which won’t adversely impact on your business, we’ll always let you know

  • Communications

    We communicate clearly, professionally and in a timely manner with clients, prospects and suppliers

Who We Are, And Why We Can Help

  • We’re the UK’s leading provider of Linux support and consultancy services for businesses.
  • We believe that if you have to tell your IT company about a server problem, they have already failed. Everything we do stems from that belief.
  • We only work with Linux. That means all of our technical staff are Linux trained and everything we do is aimed at keeping Linux systems secure and available.
  • We make extensive use of Open Source technology to keep your systems secure, up to date and audited, and we implement comprehensive monitoring of your systems so that we know about and fix potential issues before they impact your business.
  • We’re certified under the prestigious ISO27001, the Information Security Standard, and our security polices and processes are externally audited every year so you can rest assured that you really are in the very safest of hands.