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The management and monitoring tools we use require network access between your servers and ours. This page details the access that is required.

Both the server names and the IP addresses for our servers have been provided in the following tables. If a you manage a firewall in your network, it would be preferable to use the server names in the firewall rules (if possible) so that we can migrate services from one IP address to another without requiring any changes to your firewall.

Connectivity Options

Ideally, we would have direct connectivity between your servers and ours as detailed below. However, we recognise that this may not always be possible; for example, you may have multiple servers behind one public IP address, making it difficult for us to directly connect to each of your servers.

Under those circumstances, we require:

  • direct ssh access as detailed below (“ssh access”) from our servers to one of your servers (the “gateway server”), and
  • ssh access from the gateway server to your remaining servers, and
  • outbound connections from each of your servers to ours as detailed below (“Outbound connections to our servers”), including OpenVPN access

Inbound Connections To Your Server

The following connections are required from our servers to yours.

ssh Access


ProtocolDestination PortSourceIP Address
TCP22Our office LAN81.187.162.2


Server Monitoring


ProtocolDestination PortSourceIP Address
Ping (ICMP)
TCP6556 and

Outbound Connections To Our Servers

OpenVPN Access


ProtocolDestination PortDestinationIP Address
UDP1194 and


Configuration Management Server


ProtocolDestination PortDestinationIP Address


Software Distribution Servers


ProtocolDestination PortDestinationIP Address


Network Time Servers


ProtocolDestination PortDestinationIP Address


Outbound Email Access

At a minimum, your servers need to be able to send email  to the following two addresses:


Usually, the servers will send their own email directly, but it is possible to use any specified SMTP relay, or dedicated aliases that relay to those two addresses if that is preferred.