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Oxford Gene Technology (OGT) works across over 60 countries, providing world-class genetics research solutions for some of the globe’s leading clinical and academic research institutions. Since 2008 their Linux servers have been managed by Tiger Computing, and the team has recently supported them with the introduction of a highly-available data store and a highly-available database service.

Jolyon Holdstock, OGT’s Director of Computational Biology takes up the story…

In The Client’s Words

“Our hardware was beginning to struggle in some areas, and we were getting through more discs than was healthy. We were conscious that we were only ever a few disc fails away from a problem, that our hardware was over three years old (and so out of warranty), and that if our servers went down so too did our team’s ability to do their day job. It wasn’t a scenario we ever wanted to face and so we tasked Tiger Computing with recommending the best approach.”

The Tiger Solution

The team provided the client with three solutions – all suited the business’s needs today and with scope to grow, but varied in complexity and scalability. The chosen option saw real resilience brought in, super-fast access, and the kind of robust and comprehensive back-ups which brought real peace of mind to OGT.

What’s Special?

As the business has grown over the last ten years, so too has its requirement for data processing and storage, not to mention the added load that specific tasks such as genome sequencing were bringing with them. Tiger Computing truly understood the business, and so was able to recommend solutions which didn’t just match budgets and core remits, but which met wider needs and which would keep up with the OGT’s own dynamic pace of growth.


The Last Word – Jolyon Holdstock

“I naturally have a certain amount of Linux knowledge – enough to know that it’s worth investing in someone with significant skill, who lives and breathes Linux every day, and who understands the very latest developments. The Tiger Computing team is truly expert and I’ve always been impressed with the service they provide. Retaining them to look after our servers means that my time is freed up to do what I do best, and that I can rest assured that we’re in the safest of hands.”


– Jolyon Holdstock
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