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As a drug company with a proprietary technology based on advances in network pharmacology and chemical biology, E-Therapeutics is focused on the discovery of effective new medicines for bio-complex diseases. Until July 2013 Jonny Wray, their Head of Discovery, and his team were managing the Linux infrastructure themselves, but as the business grew so too did the demands on their time.

In The Client’s Words

“We’d outsourced our Windows support at the start of 2013 and with our business growing rapidly (we went from start-up to a team of 20 in just four years) we knew that we’d need to find the right external fit for Linux support too. But it wasn’t an easy job. We knew exactly what we were looking for, and a large part of that was finding a team of genuine experts who actually knew more about Linux than we did. And believe it or not, that was actually quite tough. The summer of 2013 was the perfect time to make the move to external support as we were moving offices and our team was growing further, and Tiger was highly recommended to us.”

The Tiger Solution

We worked with e-Therapeutics to help define their Linux IT strategy, and over time we’ve rebuilt most of their servers. We set up monitoring and back-ups to ensure excellent availability, and we provide ad hoc Linux consultancy. They need a team who can keep up with their exciting growth, and who can support them as they need, and we’ve been proud to do just that.

What’s Special?

e-Therapeutics want complete availability and uptime – their servers going down just isn’t an option – and Jonny and his team want Linux to work exactly as they wish, but don’t have the time to do it themselves. We act as an extension of their team, we deliver what they want and need, when they want and need it, and we advise and guide where appropriate. All of which means e-Therapeutics can rest assured that we have everything covered.


The Last Word

“Our people are computational biologists and so true experts, and we appreciate that same level of leading expertise in the Tiger team. It’s not always the case in the industry and I’ve been faced with knowing more than the tech guys many times in the past, but never with Tiger Computing. Everything is always done, and done very well. Essentially they make stuff work and they do it without fuss, fanfare and hyperbole.”

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