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Rent4sure provides a financial background check service specifically for the lettings industry. Originally, they ran their system on a rented virtual server, but they were seeking a solution that was more fitting to their dynamic and thriving business. They were also eager to move away from their host as the level and quality of support they were offered couldn’t keep up with their needs. Jack Webb-Heller, IT & Products Director, takes up the story…

In The Client’s Words

“We approached Tiger in 2010 when it became clear that our existing solution just wasn’t fit for purpose any more. Our business was growing and we needed the assurance that our back-end systems, used by thousands of clients across the UK, were not just able to cope with our growth but actually had the potential to scale with us. The team at Tiger is truly expert and continues to help guide us and help us navigate the multitude of potential options. They have enabled us to choose the best solutions for our business which also allow us to grow our infrastructure exactly as we need in the future.”

The Tiger Solution

The Tiger team initially set up a number of virtual servers for Rent4sure and migrated them onto these. As the business continued to grow, Tiger team warned Rent4sure that they were reaching the limits of virtualised systems and recommended that they move to dedicated hardware. Rent4sure agreed, and in 2014 the Tiger team designed and implemented a dedicated server for Rent4sure, which included a dedicated disaster recovery fallback to a virtual system.

What’s Special?

Soon after starting work, the Tiger team highlighted a potential issue with some code which was performing poorly. The client arranged to have this externally audited and, as a result, took the decision to release the external contractor they were working with and take it on in-house. To achieve this they hired Jack who rewrote the system from scratch, and who went on to grow a dynamic in-house development team responsible for the site as it is today.


The Last Word

“As a business we work to tight margins and resource at just the right level, relying on expert support where it’s most appropriate. If our system went down for even 10 minutes it wouldn’t just have a huge impact on our business, but it would stop our clients putting people into properties and so cause disruption all the way down the line. Working with Tiger we have the confidence that this just won’t happen, and they also work proactively to make sure that everything is current, working, and up-to-date. Best of all, they have a commercial mind too, so they schedule non-critical updates for outside business hours. We count Tiger as one of our most trusted partners and absolutely recommend them.”

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