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As a supplier of complete business systems to the wholesale and distributution trades, Advensys are proud of their reputation for technical excellence gained over the last 20 years. But back in 2005, as their infrastructure moved from UNIX to Linux, they needed to find a partner to work with.

Their Managing Director, David Walton, takes up the story…

In The Client’s Words

“We recognised early on that to ensure the best possible service for our clients, we would need to have access to in-depth Linux expertise. At the time, there were very few commercial companies offering Linux support, but we identified Tiger Computing as a possible candidate. We agreed to work together on a project that needed to have a Microsoft Windows system run a command on a Linux system. Tiger Computing quickly came up with a proof of concept implementation, and a partnership was born.”

The Tiger Solution

There is a Linux server as part of the Advensys solution, which we build and maintain. We’ve suggested and implemented various changes over the years to improve both functionality and security. All the Advensys servers are built and maintained using our Configuration Management Server, which means they all have the same software installed, configured in the same way.

What’s Special?

Our view is that it is a complex operation to support Tills, Workshops, Sales Order Processing, Multi-Channel web sales, Purchasing, Sales Prospecting, Stock Control and Accounting. We want our Windows server to be concerned with those operations alone. We need something else to fit round the outside of that and allow us to specialise. However, our customers need a single point of contact on all IT issues, which is Advensys. This means that Advensys needs to work with people who have expertise in everything from email to firewalling to Networking.

Tiger’s expertise in Linux Infrastructure is invaluable. The servers they maintain have outstanding availability, with potential problems being identified and resolved before they impact our clients’ businesses. They have worked with us closely over the years as our business solutions have grown in line with our clients’ changing requirements.


The Last Word – David Walton

“It is essential to us to have a partner to whom the management of our core systems can be delegated with faith that the job will get done effectively, and where there is depth of expertise to address the challenges of tomorrow as well as any arising today. This is why our Linux partner is Tiger Computing..”


– David Walton
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