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If you recall, I mentioned a quote from Henry Ford last week – the one hanging in our meeting room.

It says, “Quality means doing it right when no one is looking”.

There’s another poster, on the other side of a big, wall-mounted monitor, featuring a quote by a rather less famous person – a guy called Keith Edmunds (me!).

This one is just as pointed:

“We believe that if you have to contact your IT company about a server problem, they have already failed”.

It’s a pretty short sentence to hang a business from, but that’s what we’ve done.

It’s our job to know about – and fix – server problems before our clients know about them.

After all, our clients trust us to keep their systems safe, secure and available – it’s not their job to call us and tell us what to do.

Both quotes are in the meeting room for a reason – pretty much every member of the team will see them every single week, and we’ll talk about them in meetings too.

In a nutshell, they describe how we do stuff around here – have you got similar quotes that crystallise what you do and why?

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