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I have a ride-on lawnmower. It’s a bit of a boy’s toy, I know, but to be fair we do have a biggish lawn.

Over the last few weeks the grass has roused itself from its winter slumber and is growing vigorously.

Cue lawnmower, and discovery of two flat tyres.

No problem: this story happened pre lockdown – you know, when we were actually allowed to leave the house? So I took the two wheels off and drove them over to the local tyre place to get them repaired.

When I arrived the owner took one look at the tyres and said, “Can I give you some advice?”

Now, unrequested advice is not always welcomed, but he knows more about tyres than I do (which is not particularly difficult) and so his words are welcome. “I can fix those for you, but in a garden, they’ll puncture again. Go to the local car shop and buy a can of Tyreweld. Spray about half the can into each tyre. That’ll fix them.”

And it did.

The owner gave away some valuable advice without expectation of payment. It took him less than a minute, but his advice saved me – well, the cost of two puncture repairs at the very least.

I like his attitude. And the next time I need some tyre-related help I’ll be sure to take my business to him.

So here’s my promise to you. We don’t know much about tyres, but we do know about designing, building and supporting Linux infrastructures, both on servers and in the cloud. If you have a question about using Linux in your business and you’d like some free advice, book a call with me.

Oh, and if you have any excuses I can use to get out of cutting the lawn, please do let me know!

Until next week –

PS If you are using Linux in your business, download a free copy of our Linux Survival Guide and check you have the bases covered.

Photo by Chris Zhang on Unsplash

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