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It was magic.

We had a little party to celebrate our wedding anniversary. A few friends round (those were the days), and Damian.

Damian is a close-up magician.

Seeing him perform a trick really is magic. Yes, we know – spoiler alert – that it’s done with sleight of hand, deception, mirrors or two coins rather than one.

But seeing him perform the trick so well is still magic.

Damian was telling me that it took him ten years to perfect the sleight of hand.

And then a further ten years to perfect the patter and delivery.

Just think about that…Ten additional years after he’d mastered the trick to make sure everything is slick, smooth and professional.

Anyone can get a book on magic and fumble together a trick. Do it for 20 years, and suddenly you’re not “doing a trick” any more. You’re doing magic.

As always, the secret is hard work, practice and professionalism. And it shows.

That’s what we wanted for our little party. The best. The professional. The guy who does this every day. Not some amateur who’s read a book about it and watched a YouTube video.

When it’s set up and managed correctly, Cloud computing is magic too.

Yes, you could read some books, watch some videos and fumble through yourself. You could make do with someone who’s done it once before. But the best people are those who do it every single day. The ones who make it look like magic.

If you want magic done with cards and coins, give Damian a shout. If you want magic done with clouds, we can help.

Photo by Omid Armin on Unsplash

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