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horse mouth

I really didn’t want to make the phone call.

The problem had started the day before with a nagging irritation in a
tooth. Now it was worse. A call would be awkward. I didn’t want to
have to explain the backstory (how much detail should I include?). And
then there’s this COVID stuff as well. It wasn’t a conversation I
wanted to have.

But it was one I needed to have.

So I did it. I called the dentist. For me, one of the very few times I
have taken part in a dentist-patient call. For him, business as usual.
He does it every day.

And he made it easy. He knew what to say, what to ask, and made some
suggestions. We agreed to talk the next day, too, which was easier
because he already understood my problem.

If I’m honest, it was a lot simpler than I’d thought it would be. With
hindsight, that’s obvious. Hindsight’s like that.

The dentist has technical skills, of course, but ultimately it’s his
job to look after his patients. To take away pain, whether physical or
emotional. Realistically, he should be happy to use his skill,
experience and ultimately his professionalism to help me.

Most of all, he made my phone call (and, ultimately, my tooth)

How about you? Are you putting off making a call that would ultimately
lead to a better quality of life? Like, say, not having to worry about
looking after Linux systems or migrating to the cloud?

I can help you with that. Book a call with me and I’ll ask the right
questions and offer some advice. And I’ll make the pain go away.

Photo by Mikael Kristenson on Unsplash

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