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Who Is Tiger Computing?

Who are you and what do you do?

We’re Tiger Computing, and we design, build and support IT solutions based on Linux.

We’ve been doing that since 2002, and we’re one of the longest-established Linux support businesses.

We only work with Linux, so although we may set up Linux systems to work with Microsoft Windows or Apple Macs, we don’t support those other systems.

Who do you work with?

We work with high tech businesses such as bioscience and chip design companies. Our clients include Ericsson and the NHS.

Tell me about your staff

Our tech staff love Linux and they understand that secure and available systems are what matters in business. They’re able to talk at the right level, whether that’s deeply technical or working to solve a business problem. If you’re curious to know more about them you can see them all here.

We have multiple Red Hat Certified Engineers (RHCE) and Debian Developers on our staff, and all of our staff are UK based.

ISO27001 security

As you might expect from an IT company, we take security very seriously.

We are certified under ISO27001, the Information Security standard. We carry out regular security audits, and our security policies and practices are independently audited every year.

All of our staff are background checked in accordance with BS7858.

How Can You Help?

We can work with you in three key areas:

Review your Linux infrastructure

A lot of our clients have grown organically over the years, and sometimes that results in a less than optimal IT infrastructure. Often they’re aware of that, but it isn’t always easy to fix.

If that sounds familiar, one of our Linux Strategy Days will help. We’ll review your current infrastructure with you and examine how it can be improved to meet your current and predicted needs.

Build or update your Linux infrastructure

We’ve designed and set up systems ranging from a single web server through a high-availability web application platform to a fully redundant Storage Area Network built entirely from Open Source components.

We’ve designed and build cloud based solutions running Kubernetes on Amazon Web Services.

And we can build an infrastructure that’s right for your business, too.

Support your Linux infrastructure

We believe that if you have to tell your IT support company about a server problem, they have already failed.

All of our support packages include five key components to keep your Linux services safe, secure and available:

  1. 24/7 monitoring: We check around 45-60 parameters on every server we support. The support team are notified of any anomalies, and will investigate and resolve them.
  2. Change control: All of the servers we support are managed via our Configuration Management Service. All changes are documented and approved by a senior consultant before being rolled out. We keep a full audit trail.
  3. Security: We view security as a critical part of the support process. As part of your support contract, we install all security updates as they are released. Our monitoring also checks whether there are any outstanding security updates for your servers.
  4. Break/Fix: Our monitoring and configuration management processes mean that we identify 99% of problems before they impact your business. However, if there is a system breakage we will investigate and resolve it. We’ll also analyse the underlying cause to see whether the system can be made more robust.
  5. Advice: we’re happy to discuss any specific requirements you may have in the future. We won’t make any charge for a quick phone call, and we have consultancy services available if you need more in-depth help.

We know how to design Linux systems. We know how to set them up. And we know how to keep them working.

What should I do next?

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No problem. Here’s some other ways you can find out more:

  • Take the our Linux Server Security Audit and find out where your IT focus should be.
  • Get a free download of our Amazon #1 best seller, “The Linux Solution” and find out how we design, build and support Linux systems.
  • Browse our other Linux for Business articles and find how to make the best of Linux in your business
  • Take a look at some of our Linux for Non-Geeks articles. They give some background on how we think about and approach Linux in a business context, and they are safe for non-technical people to read.
  • If you’re a technical person, you may find some interesting titbits in our Technical Tips pages.
  • You can find out a bit more about our support services on our Linux Support Packages page.

And when you’re ready, you can get in touch.

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