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Home projects are getting some serious attention. Normally on a weekend, I’d be out having fun: going gliding, visiting people, going to the theatre…

Right now, we can’t do any of that, so my focus is home. I’m finding the never-ending todo list for home is actually shrinking. The old barn is tidied. The garden is looking good (we’ll hold short of “great”). Little repairs around the house are done.

I rediscovered my old jukebox in the barn. It almost, but not quite, works. Restoring it to working order would make a great summer project – not nearly as much fun as gliding, but worth the effort.

But, as the DIY home todo list shrinks, the other list – the one that needs specialised help from other people – is growing.

I need Andy’s help to fix the fence – but he can’t come round right now, so I’ve added that to the post-COVID list. And we need a couple of big trees felling, but the tree surgeon can’t visit so that’s another item on that post-COVID list. That list gets longer and longer…

It’s been good reviewing the jobs I wanted to get done at home, and making progress on them.

I’m also taking the opportunity to review my work list. Somehow working from home makes it easier to step back and consider what needs doing. Maybe you’re doing the same? If “reviewing my Linux systems” is one of them there’s no need to wait. We can do that remotely for you. Shall we get a call booked in the calendar?

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