We're an ISO27001:2013 Certified Supplier

Which Linux distributions do you support?

We will support any distribution.

The vast majority of our clients are running one or more of:

  • Red Hat
  • Debian
  • Ubuntu


Do you support Cloud instances?

Yes, we will support any Cloud instance.

Most of our cloud-based systems are running on one of:

  • Amazon Web Service (AWS)
  • Google Cloud
  • Azure

What’s covered by the support contract?

Please see the Support Packages page.

Must I have all servers on the same level of support?

No, you can put each server on the support level that’s right for that server.

What's the response time?

Typically within an hour. However, if you need a guaranteed response time, please consider our Business Support or Premier Support packages.

Do you support Windows?

No. However, we do have partnerships with reputable specialist Windows support companies, and we can offer you a “one stop” support service for both Linux and Windows that is backed by one of those companies.

What about backups?

Yes, we have a variety of backup solutions to meet different needs.

How can I get in touch?

Call us on 01600 483 484 or email us at info@tiger-computing.co.uk

Can you provide references?

Yes, and we’ll try hard to match your industry with an existing client or two for you to talk to. You may like to read what our clients say about us.

I have another question...

Please contact us by email or call 01600 483 484.


We have been working with Tiger Computing Ltd since 2009. During this time, Tiger have been invaluable in providing sensible and practical advice as we have expanded. This has been coupled with a high level of support, sometimes at very short notice, ensuring the uninterrupted availability of our business critical systems.

– Dr Jolyon Holdstock, Director of Computational Biology at Oxford Gene Technology
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